Weighing system forrubber compounds - SAM-R


Weighing system for rubber compounds

AUTOMATIC DOSING OF ACCELLERATORS AND ADDITIVES EMPLOYED IN THE RUBBER COMPOUND PRODUCTION CYCLE Mono line We are also well aware of the cost savings offered by single line distribution against using a distribution pipe for each machine. This is why...
Automatic dosing system for dyeing production - Continuous process - How it works?

Continuous process

Continuous process – How it works?

AUTOMATIC DOSING SYSTEM FOR DYEING PRODUCTIONContinuous process Continuous Process Color Service dispersers are suitable also for continuous process. Required amount of dyes, liquid or powder chemicals are sent to service tank for continuous machines precisely with some water. Remaining water...
Automatic dosing system for dyeing production - Central management - Tele assistance

Central management

Central management

AUTOMATIC DOSING SYSTEM FOR DYEING PRODUCTIONCentral management Supervisor Control in your hand Color Service Supervisor software works as a central management for all dispensers in the dye house. It is a powerful traffic controller for activity of dispensers. There many...



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